Edhem Mahmutovic

Eddie Mahmutovic Credit: Robyn Ivy

Edhem Mahmutovic


Edhem Mahmutovic is an OSHA certified superintendent who brings to Kaplan over a decade of hands-on field experience. Eddie’s exposure to various roles in the industry from an early age has given him a deep understanding of the building process, with a specialty in occupied spaces.

Eddie assists in monitoring daily activities on the job site, including expediting scheduling, coordinating subcontractor work, and securing materials and resources. Through daily communication, Eddie keeps his subcontractors and clients informed and up to date on all project activity.

Eddie previously worked as a traveling superintendent for Shawmut Construction, working on high-profile projects for Apple, Cartier, and Tiffany & Co. He holds a Bachelor of Science in safety and occupational health applied science from Keene State College.