Definition of goals, good decision making and proper planning are the foundations for a successful project. It is during this early stage that we get a clear picture of our clients’ needs, where mutual trust is established, and where collaboration begins. Our experienced preconstruction team identifies project challenges early on, delineating options, offering choices and integrating solutions to make the road ahead as smooth as possible.

We start with the traditional method of building the project on paper. Our focus during this time is to optimize materials, anticipate long lead times, and prioritize budget allocations.

The choices made in collaboration with the client during this phase will affect the project’s schedule, budget and quality. Programmatical analysis continues from conceptual design through constructability and systems reviews and until the project is shovel-ready. A goal with every project is to offer continuity to the client, from initial meetings through project closeout. Preconstruction can be the first step in developing this relationship.

Kaplan’s Preconstruction Services:

  • Refining project scope as drawings evolve
  • Developing detailed cost estimates
  • Performing constructability reviews
  • Detail enhancement
  • MEP/FP system analysis
  • Coordination of MEP/FP, structure, and architecture
  • Developing a project schedule
  • Developing a site logistics plan
  • Developing a site specific safety plan
  • Permitting
  • Subcontractor prequalification
  • Procurement schedules
  • Purchasing strategy
  • Holding community meetings
  • By providing numerous cost analyses for options we were considering, they helped us to determine which mix of these would best meet our programmatic priorities and budget.
    Sharon JacobsonBuilding Committee MemberCongregation Beth El