Trust Early Learners

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Project details

Trust Early Learners

Brookline, MA

Kaplan Construction was recently engaged by EE for All, LLC to build a new 20,000 SF early education center for the Martin Trust Partnership in Education for Early Learners. Trust Early Learners is five-stories plus a penthouse, and features six oversized classrooms, welcome center, sensory gym, outdoor playground, and administrative offices.

Kaplan was hired in 2017 to provide preconstruction services and manage the demolition of an existing Victorian-style split office building on the site before construction began in earnest in the fall of 2019. Located adjacent to several private businesses along busy Harvard Street, the work had to be well planned and thoroughly thought out before, during, and after the demolition sequence to avoid inconveniencing the neighbors or impacting traffic.

Brookline parks are full to capacity and private childcare centers are required to provide their own playgrounds to meet licensing requirements. Due to the size of the lot and required off-street parking and drop-off areas, the only option for the playground was to locate it on the roof terrace on the fourth floor. Kaplan faced numerous challenges during construction, including access and ensuring a tight roof due to numerous penetrations for the playground structures that had to be anchored to the building structure.

In 2023, Kaplan received an Excellence in Construction Merit Award from the Associated Builder’s and Contractors Massachusetts and an Excellence in Construction Eagle Award from ABC National.

Rendering courtesy of CBT Architects


EE For All, LLC


CBT Architects

Services Provided

  • Preconstruction Planning
  • Construction Management