Project Manager Benjamin Hamm Featured in NEREJ’s Year in Review


Project manager Benjamin Hamm was recently spotlighted in the New England Real Estate Journal’s Year in Review, in which industry leaders and editorial contributors shared their notable accomplishments, projects, and transactions from 2023 and key insights on emerging trends that will impact their industry in 2024.

As project manager, Ben oversees permitting; develops cost estimates and schedules; appropriates materials and personnel; coordinates logistics and phasing; and guides the procurement of subcontractors. He utilizes his strong communication skills to transmit the flow of information from the design team to subs and vice versa, ensuring that the end product meets both the original design intent and the client’s goals. Benjamin has nearly two decades of experience in the construction industry.

What person, project, transaction, or market trend had the greatest impact on your industry this year?

Inflation and increased interest rates have certainly throttled back demand, but thankfully we haven’t seen a huge decline at this point. For projects I’ve been involved in, there have been some adjustments to the scope for cost savings, but the projects have been moving forward as usual.

What was your greatest professional accomplishment or most notable project, deal, or transaction in 2023?

We have entered our fourth year of managing the Worcester Art Museum’s capital improvement plan, in which I have overseen the 15+ projects we’ve been contracted for so far. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to restore and modernize their historic buildings and cultivate relationships with their dedicated staff.